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Establishment of ADVISON

ADVISON was established in 2011 as a office house company. From the beginning company is focusing solely on providing corporate and consulting services for start-ups and established entrepreneurs. The reason why company was established was desire of founders with a legal background to build a company that would provide reliable corporate services to help entrepreneurs get rid of the burden of legal regulation of their business and the complexity of corporate operations. Our mission is to simplify the world of entrepreneurs.


Our vision in 3 points

(i) In the first place is the service to clients. The first pillar of our vision is to relieve customers from the problems created by legal regulation of their business environment so that they can concentrate on their own vision. That means to create a advisory house, where clients receive all corporate services under one roof and so help them achieve their goals.

(ii) In second place are our advisors. Therefore, the second pillar of our vision is intention to build a company in which the cooperating members of the group and our consultants are happy and for their high performance are highly valued. We create a harmonious working environment where people enjoy their job and grow in professional and human terms. We unlock our potential and give space for self-realization.

(iii) Up to 3rd place is the growth and profit of a company. Growth and profit can not be achieved without the first two pillars of the vision. If you want to get something, you have to give up something first. We recognize the value of our clients and consultants who make ADVISON the company we want to build: The company that is one of the leading providers of top-level corporate services. This goal will be achieved by building consulting houses where the client finds under one roof all the corporate services he needs on his way to achieving the goals.


Company values:

Focus on client’s goals: We help achieve the client’s goals by focusing on understanding clients needs as the basis for perfect collaboration and exclusive service.

We create a team where we discover the potential of consultants and then give them space to use their potential. First we find strengths and weaknesses of the counselor. Then we focus on the talent of a counselor, because based on this we can identify the area where the counselor is the best. Then we give him scope to applying its strengths in accordance with the services provided. The person who does what he / she is good at achieves above average results and he enjoys the work. In this way we will achieve the best results we can achieve.

Business responsibility and ethics: We are a decent company and we serve decent businessmen. We realize that we are influencing and directly involved in creating a business environment. We always think about it.

Discretion: We strictly observe ethical secrecy.

Qualified and openness: We openly communicate our possibilities to the client and we closely associate the areas in which we are truly at home. We do not want to be the best in everything, it is enough for us to be the best in our segment of services.

Trust: We never promise what we are not able to accomplish, and what we promise we try to fulfill. We honor gentleman’s agreements that are not written. This is how we build trust.

Expertise: We learn on a regular basis, our work is our hobby.

Human approach in a suit: We wear a suit, but we have a heart. We strive to combine the human face with a professional performance. We do not play, we are ourselves.

Long-term cooperation: We prefer long-term cooperation. We yearn for the client to come back next time. We believe that a quick profit is a long-term loss.

Friendly prices: We try to make the value we give our client more valuable than the money that the client paid for the services.

Fast Response: We try to respond to your emails immediately or within 24 hours at most. We know that business is in your heart day and night – 24/7. Our task is to walk just behind you and be ready to give you a helping hand. Feel free to call us over the weekend.

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